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on traveling solo into cairo

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Since my brother is a lucky sucker...(well more fairly, because he graduated with a masters degree and you travel after that in our family)..and his ticket was purchased from his lovely mother, he and i had different flights into Cairo today..mine departing 4 1/2 hours after his and arriving about 10 hours prior. This situation allowed for me to brush up on my solo traveling skills...it has been a while. I got off the plane and although i was about halfway through the queues to get through customs, somehow, literally, i was THE last person to get through..i don't have a clue what happened. Damien Rice was whispering sweet nothings into my ear and i must have not paid attention. I walked out into the amazing hot sun and humidity and confidently walked to where i thought the cabs would be..there really weren't any, so after a tried to blow off some dude overcharging me, i put on my sunglasses and hoped he wouldn't recognize me when we rebargained...he recognized me and we went with the original quoted price...good job karoline.

Off i went into the mayhem of traffic..it made India look like the suburbs of Orlando. It was INSANE!!! Also, in other news, i have begn telling people i am Canadian and my cab driver kept asking facts about my country..numbers, population, etc...i kept forgetting..not a good liar. So we began approaching the city center and the westaway in me kicked in...the car broke down in the middle of the road. After about 3 minutes of him just turning the key(im thinking, hello, its not going to just magically start with this crank..)he asked me to step outside of the car...on the side of the highway mind you. not fun..white girl, in aviaters, with her bags on the side of the highway in cairo...lots of beeping followed. After he got it cranking again, it broke down another 3 times... and he finally dropped me off. wrong hostel. good stuff. I began traipsing down the road my hostel was on, passed a street fight with a riot ensuing along the way, along with about a half mile of cars all being worked on on the street. It was beginning to get dark and i was sure i wasnt going the right way. A small amountof panic set in..as i had to be at this particular hostel, it was where kyle would meet me. Some very "friendly" person asked if i needed help and i told him the address and he excitedly said.."you are lucky, i know this, follow me" Now previously when my fortune was told in Istanbul, i was told i was lucky, so i knew it had to be true. This character claimed he worked there, then that his best mate owned it, then that i shouldnt change money at a bank, but instead down some dodgy ally. And when i would refuse him, he continually asked, "Why are you scared?" so, i finally made it to the hostel, the correct one, and i joked sarcastically with the desk guy that his best friend had brought me here...he replied, "you are best friend too" so he took me to my room, opened up the cool balcony view we had and did the fatherly railing lean and warmly warned me against letting anyone follow me. It was very sweet and made me feel comfortable. I of course knew otherwise, but this character i could not lose.

I did dinner with some other kid from new jersey and now im awaiting my brothers arrival at the hostel..phew, its been a day...

this place really is crazy...unlike anything i have ever seen!

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Love it Karoline! I have been wondering how my solo trip to Lesotho will go (leaving Monday!), laying over in a couple places en route to the final destination, and your story reminded me how inevitably crazy and unpredictable it will be, but it made me laugh and think how much fun can be had in those crazy experiences when taking them in stride. :) Glad you got there safely! ~Marybeth

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