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I am not sure kyle or i have ever been so welcomed in our lives. i think we were officially welcomed to egypt 25-30 times in our short 2 day stay..."welcome in egypt..do you want me take you to better hostel?" us:no thanks, we already have it booked. cabbie:"welcome, welcome, whatever you wish, welcome in egypt." and when we ask how to go about doing something we hear in response, everything is possible--which i am a huge fan of.

So, Kyle and I woke up tuesday morning and went to the Pyramids. We were, of course, welcomed in Egypt by the people at the stables. We paid an enormous amount of money for the camels without even realizing it. When a currency is so much lower than yours, you begin to not think so much about high numbers. Anyways, we headed off to the sahara desert, and the Pyramids. We both rode camels..even though some of you may remember me saying i would never ride a camel after my Thar Desert experience in India...however, i felt it necessary. We had a cool guide who thought it was funny to make our camels trot from time to time..im positive he was impressed with seeing me attemtping to keep balance...i did my best. We made it to the top of a hill overlooking the three big pyramids and got off the camels...not as easy as you may think..and snapped some photos. Kyle quickly made friends with a man on a camel who dressed him in a cloak. I attempted, utilizing my bilingual skills, to tell kyle: "ello necesitas dinero para esta." Kyle refused me, and his friend replied.."senorita, no problema." How the hell do they know spanish in egypt--unfair! After we mounted the camels again, our newfound friend was quite upset we didnt tip him and once far enough away, our guide lectured us that nothing is free in egypt...although all things are possible..apparently nothing is free. We spent some time down near the pyramids...walking along the side of it. The enormity of how huge the big pyramid is cannot be explained. Standing down next to it, trying to capture with the camera how amazing it really is puts into perspective that you cannot capture it. Theres nothing to scale it with. We kept riding along and just staring at these huge sand triangles and i just kept saying to myself...im at the pyramids...THE pyramids..the only surviving original 7 wonder of the world..i am hanging out next to it, touching it..fighting off little kids trying to sell me cokes. Its really quite sad how touristy its become, how dirty, and how sad with everyone trying to make a buck..and even with all this...its impressive beyond belief. In the background is the whole city of Cairo, in the smog and down in the vally, its a huge city sprawled out...more chaotic than any place I've yet to be. We trailed down the path to see the sphinx, and headed back to the stables. We played jovially with a baby camel 6 weeks old..and headed back to the city. From there we packed up and headed to the bus station for our overnight bus to Iseal...kyle tells you about this...

After Isreal, kyle and I were craving warm weather and some comfort and relaxation. Its odd...you feel this presure to be and see all when you travel..but its refreshing to hear europeans call this thing "holiday." It really puts into perspective for me what it is..it is in fact a holiday. While i do need to take advantage of the places we are visiting and the things were seeing..its a vacation..i need to relax and regroup. So, after just a week and a half of traveling, we were in need of just this. Dahab seemed just the place. It was described in the Lonely Planet as a heaven constructed by backpackers...indeed it is so. We arrived here last night after a long time on the road we pulled up to our hotel. It is so clean and built like an Mac. They said, how can we make this amazing, and then did it...and its all so inexpensive. We will be moving tonight to a seaview room. You can pretty much lay anywhere you want..on the beach, in the bar, which is all couches and pillows and at all times be served cheap food and booze. Its been a bit windy, but ky and I got plenty of sun already. This place is the solace we were seeking and will energize us for kenya until we hit the next beach--ZANZIBAR!!!

Egypt has been quite more impressive than i ever thought it could be. The ease with which they impart in you makes you feel like youre hanging out with people singing hakuna matata in the background. The people here are so friendly, and they even consider us a "special nation"--escorted by bodygaurd. I loved Jerusalem and will definately make my way back there at some point in life. It gave out a magical feel that welcomed you to discover and rediscover all it has to offer...with the shopping and the amazing views, to the reality of the holocaust museum, to the sacredness of the wailing wall and the tomb of christ..the piece of earth Christ himself walked along.

Having the time of our lives...wishing you could join--


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Excuse me but i think I offered to join - but was shot down!!! Really it sounds like you are having a marvelous time. I am so happy for all you are experienceing and going to see. Can't wait to see the pics and hear all the stories.
love, hugs, and kisses - Mom*

by Karrie4

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